E-Cig Coils

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13 Item(s)

E-Cig Coils by Cigara

To maximise the vaping experience, it is very important you have a good and varied supply of coils. The coil is the heating element of the e-cig, using the e-liquid to create an inhalable vapour. Cigara provide e-cig coils in order to save our customers money. An e-cig coil may be damaged or old but, instead of buying an entirely new device, you can simply purchase a replacement coil from Cigara.

It is very important you purchase the right e-cig coil for your vaping device. E-cig coils can have a long or short stem, which can be replaced either from the top or bottom of the clearomiser. Cigara offer a great range of e-cig coils to replace the old coils of top e-cigs.

The Aspire Nautilus BVC Coils are easy to fit and are an excellent design. Organic cotton and enlarged wicking holes ensure excellent absorption, richer and purer flavour and a better production of vapour clouds.

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