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13 Item(s)

A clearomiser is the tank that attaches onto the top of the battery of your electronic cigarette. It stores the e-liquid through to the atomiser and turns into vapour. The transparent filter makes it easy to see how much liquid is left, and the lid protects the mouthpiece from dust and other damage.

At Cigara, we have clearomisers available for all our electronic cigarettes, so it’s really easy to replace. We opt for clearomisers over cartomisers because they are easy to fill, can hold more e-liquid and have a longer lifespan, meaning more value for your money. What’s more, Cigara clearomisers and tanks come in a range of colours and designs, so vaping isn’t only a healthier option to smoking, it’s a stylish one too.

As experts in e-cig technology, we aim to bring the latest models to the market and test all our products here in the UK, so you can be confident in the service you receive from us.

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